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Swanson's Landscaping

We offer sod installation as an option to purchasers. Our staff is very experienced in laying sod and can do the job for you quickly and efficiently.

Estimates are free. We'll measure your property and arrange finish grading of your grounds. We take special care to make sure you get the best installation at the best price.

You will ALWAYS receive our personal attention. Before, during and after the sale, we are always here for you! We take pride in the fact that not only do we provide you the best turf grass product, we can provide you the KNOWLEDGE to get your job done right.

Should You Seed or Sod?
To get great grass fast, sod is your first and best choice. Sod can yield a beautiful lawn quickly with practically NO weeds, pests and diseases. If you want a luxurious, weed-free, green thick and lush lawn TOMORROW, then call us TODAY at 813-924-2187 for the solution!

Swanson's Landscaping Phone: 813-924-2187
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